Digidome is a web development company with results-driven design at its core.
We show businesses how to utilize their online platforms for growth.


Digidome is a web development company based in Calgary, Alberta.

We have committed to helping small businesses revamp their online presences with modern designs and lead-generating practices.

User experience, up-to-date SEO techniques, and engaging marketing are what create successful business websites.

That’s exactly what we deliver.

As a business in Calgary that was experiencing exponential growth, their old website was holding them back as it no longer provided the credibility to match their professionalism.

With a site overhaul, we brought CMSTC’s platform into the modern age with earthy browns and blues for the palette, intuitive user experience, expertly written content, and a finely-tuned conversion funnel. 

Our build and subsequent monthly maintenance have helped to cement CMSTC as one of Calgary’s premier therapy clinics. 

Updating a website can often fall to the bottom of the priority list. With Counsel West, we were brought in to provide consultation and resources. 

From the outset, the firm had an aged website that was bereft of content, mobile optimization, and up-to-date design. 

After launching their new site, they are now modernized in terms of the look and feel of their platform. More importantly, they now have a website that actively generates leads regardless of their business-building acumen

Design isn’t all that we do. JRES deals in an ever-changing landscape of executive search, but through time, their site became borderline unusable for office staff. 

We rebuilt the site from the ground up with better software. Our achievement was simplifying the back-end so that staff could make simple changes without having to delve into over-complicated code. 

New job postings? More categories? All taken care of in minutes with custom walk-through videos and a simplified process.

How do we deliver results? Before anything else, we build our sites with a complete focus on converting visitors. You can have all the traffic in the world, but if you can’t convert that into revenue, you’re wasting your marketing budget

After giving your site a structural and visual upgrade, we start pushing traffic there. Traffic and design go hand-in-hand; one without the other is useless. Together, they can help businesses blow past their revenue goals.

If your site isn’t helping you attain new business, it’s time to rethink your approach.

Let us help you get off the ground.

Is your online platform in need of a revamp?

Websites are not as simple as they may seem. The first thing we’ll do is sit down for a consultation and find out exactly how you can reinvigorate your business with our help. Whether it’s a full rebuild, or a tiny touch up, let’s get your business’ site out and flying!